Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this site about?  
A: We are glad you asked, please refer to our ABOUT section to learn more. 
Q: What size should I buy?
A: Our shirts are pre-shrunk and they fit true to size.  Each product has it's own individual sizing chart to help you make your selection. 
Q: Can I return or exchange an item?
A: Yes, we understand that mistakes occur.  Please refer to our SHIPPING / ORDERING section for more detailed information.
Q: How much is shipping?
A: $6 domestic(USA) and $10 international flat rate shipping for orders up to $75. Free shipping on orders over $75.  The free shipping is on a per-order basis and orders cannot be combined at a later date to qualify for free shipping.  
Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: Typically orders ship in 2-3 days and you will receive the confirmation via email.  In the US delivery is generally about a week after shipping.  Unfortunately the delivery time depends on the delivery company and for International customers that time can vary even a little more.  For less than a dollar extra we highly recommend our Shipping Assurance product that protects your order.  Click here to learn more about SHIPPING ASSURANCE or view our link at the bottom of the page.
Q: Is this website secure?
A: Absolutely, the entire site is encrypted with SSL or "Secure Socket Layer" technology.  You can confirm that if you'll notice the https:// in the url at the top of your browser instead of http:// The "s" in https:// is for secure. The padlock that you see to the left of the web address also assures you that your data and privacy are secure.  
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and others.  You also have the option to make 4 interest-free installments with Shop Pay. 
Q: We have a brick & mortar store and think you would be a good fit for our customers, how do we discuss wholesale? 
A: Please contact us at 
Q: I'm offended, how can I let you know? 
A: We are sorry to hear that and hope you'll come around. Typically our experiences are overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone we encounter sees the humor and relates on some level, and this includes our wonderful mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and significant others. We suggest that you review our ABOUT page before getting too riled up.  If that doesn't help, and you still think that Girls Are Evil is Evil then please feel free to share your concerns with us. If you are not cordial please don't expect a reply. You can email us at  

Still have a question?

Feel free to contact us. We promise not to leave you on read.